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Need help buying something only available
Get Highyer’s Travellors to grab it for you!


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Want to earn some extra cash helping someone
to buy local items when you travel?
Sign up as a Highyer Traveller!


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Waived service fee for the first time
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Why Use Highyer
Cost Efficiency
No more paying for hefty international shipping charges to get items only available overseas. Needless to say, you don’t have to make a trip yourself to purchase the items too!
Get authentic items from travellers who purchase right from official retailers overseas.
Ease of Use
Just a few clicks on the mobile app to post Requests and accept Requests for an oversea transaction.
How It Works
Post Request
Fill up details of the item you wish Highyer Traveller to purchase on your behalf.
Request Accepted
Willing Highyer Traveller accept your request and fulfil the purchase for you.
Item Received
Collect the item from Highyer Traveller when he/she is back from the trip.
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About Us

Highyer is a Singapore-based mobile app that helps Requester purchase items from anywhere in the world via Highyer Traveller.
Secured and hassle-free, Highyer provides a great solution for you to hire a Traveller to get the items you need when you can’t get it yourself locally or when it’s more cost efficient to just get to via Highyer Traveller.
Highyer is revolutionizing the way you buy overseas items. No more troubling your friends and family to help purchase an item overseas. No more paying for hefty international shipping fees for items only available overseas.
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Download the App Free for Android and iOS
 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all aswers here if you need them
  1. Requester posts details of items to be purchased via Highyer mobile app.
  2. Traveller accepts the request when he/she is willing to fulfil the purchase.
  3. Requester places deposit for the item requested.
  4. Traveller receives notification on the deposit placed and purchases the item.
  5. Requester receives the item from drop off at Highyer office in Malaysia or via courier to designated address.
  1. Requester and Traveller get community review for every Request completed. This way, you get to review the Requester and Traveller before getting into a deal.
  2. The deposit placed by Requester is held by Highyer until the transaction is completed to safeguard the payment by Requester.
  3. Traveller proceeds to buy the item on behalf of Requester once receiving notification on the deposit paid to avoid forfeit of request.

Yes, as long as there is availble Traveller to fulfil the Request.

Free for first three months, we will decide our charges after 3 months, we need it to cover our monthly maintenance fees.

We accept paypal payment, we are currently integrating with eNETs and  some other payment gateway.

Earn the difference if they can buy it below than the requester’s offer price

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